Science Week!

Date: 15th Mar 2021 @ 1:18pm


Our topic during this science week was light. We took part in lots of different practical activities and discovered so much about light! We found out that light only travels in straight lines and used opaque objects to prove this. As the light was blocked, we saw that it didn't curve to reach it's final destination proving the theory of straight line travelling! We also tested and predicted how shadows were made larger/smaller and created acturate silhouettes using what we found out! 

Later in the week, we looked at refraction, tricks on our eyes and how light can appear to bend! We completed the pencil experiment to demonstrate this. Last of all, we had such a fun afternoon on Friday. We learnt all about the visible colour spectrum and how to see it using prisms and torches. We even were treated to blowing bubbles (who knew year 6 would get so excited about this?!) and viewed the colours visible to our eyes. We understood that light refracts thought transparent objects. 

What a fun and busy week indeed!

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