Boys' Football Teams

Football League 

A big well done to our year 5 and 6 football team, who performed some fantastic football against Park View Primary School. Every individual used all of their skills, which they have developed during the football after school club, to score some brilliant goals. Although the game didn't go our way at the beginning, the boys kept their heads held high and continued to perform to a high standard. Team work played an essencial part throughout, which allowed the boys to end the game with a great 7-4 win. 


Year 5

Our year 5 football team, attended the Manchester City Academy on Friday 31st January, to play against other schools from Manchester in a football competition. All of the boys shown great determination throughout the event. Their communication on the pitch had a great impact during every game and their confidence when on the ball was at an extremely high level. 


Game 1 (Abbott 1 - 0 Rackhouse)

Game 2 (Abbott 4 - 0 Handforth Grange)

Game 3 (Abbott 0 - 1 Fairfield Road)


Year 4 

On Friday 24th January, our year 4 football team, played fantantic in their first football tournament of Spring 2 at the Manchester City Academy.  The boys shown excellent teamwork and performed to a very high standard. Attending the football after school club, has improved the boys spacial awarness on the pitch as well as their ball control.

A big well done to all of the boys and a special mention to Ciro, who was picked out by one of the Manchester City scouts. 


Year 2 - Manchester City Academy Football Tournament

On Wednesday 14th November, our year 2 boys competed against many schools across Manchester in a football competition. All the boys worked together and played some amazing football. Every game they played they won, which resulted them going through to the finals. 

We are so proud to say the boys finished in 2nd place.   Well done :)


Premier League Primary Stars Tournament 

Well done to our boys’ football team who had a great opportunity to play at the Manchester City Academy in the Premier League Primary Stars tournament. The boys played fantastic throughout the tournament. They all worked together and encouraged each other from start to end. The football played was a very high quality and some excellent goals were scored.  They boys won 4 games out of 5. Although the final game didn’t go our way, they all continued to have a positive attitude. Due to their fantastic performance the boys are through to the next round of the tournament.

Abbott are extremely proud of the boys ðŸ˜Š