Digital Leaders


At Abbott, we now have a strong team of Digital Leaders: the first we have ever had! A Digital Leader is someone who demonstrates excellent knowledge and a passion for technology and who can promote the use of all things digital throughout school.

As Digital Leaders, we will:

  • Help teachers use iPad’s and the apps to support children’s learning.

  • Monitor the putting away of iPad’s and laptops, ensuring that they are charged.

  • Deliver assemblies on e-Safety.

  • Set up competitions.

  • Run an after-school club.

  • Support younger children in their lessons.

  • Teach a coding lesson from Purple Mash.

Meet the Digital Leaders

Hi, I am Kaylum and being a Digital Leader means a lot to me because I use iPad’s and laptops. However, I would like to help the younger children.

Hi, my name is Darcey and I am really looking forward to being a Digital Leader. It is a great opportunity and it means a lot to me because I absolutely love technology and I can’t wait to help the little ones learn more.

My name is Maddison and I am really that that I have become a Digital Leader because one of my favourite things to do is use technology. I think I am well suited to the job because I am a very good role model to the little ones so maybe they will learn something from me.

Hello! I am Laith. For me, it’s a great opportunity being a Digital Leader because I am a great helper. I love technology and I am looking forward to helping both the children and staff.

Hi, I am Telmo. I am happy to be a Digital Leader because it is a great opportunity and it means a lot to me. I know that I am good with all things digital also helping younger children by encouraging them.