Salford Football League 2018-19

Welcome to our football team page. We play every term in Salford against local schools. On Thursday 13th September we competed in the grading rounds and have ended up in the first division. 

We played 5 games and won 2, lost 2 and drew one. The results were:

St Lukes v Abbott 1-0

This was our first ever game as a team. we did really well but ST Lukes were a good team. We conceeded one goal at the end of the game.

Primrose Hill v Abbott 1-1

We were against a competetive team they scored first and then Evias shot and made it 1-1. Riley made a last minute goal-line stop then the referee blew the final whistle and the game ended as 1-1. 

Lily Lane v Abbott 0-1

The team we were against ( Lily Lane ) had conceeded one goal Evias shot and scored his second goal of the night. We played well as a team and were unlucky to not score more.

Lower Kersal v Abbott 1-0

Unfortunately, we had a 3 game wait which made us lose concentration. We had to re-group as a team but conceded a goal near the end of the game. 

Cathedral v Abbott 0-2

We were determined not to end the night with another defeat! We played really well as a team and made some good passes and tackles. Evias scored his 3rd goal of the night and Prince managed to get his first of the tournament. 

We ended the tournament happy and are excited for the proper leagues to start.

Reported by Kaylum, Digital Leader.