Sports Relief

On Friday 13th March, our school organised a sports circuit for every class and also the children were able to wear their favourite sports kit to school, to raise money for Sports Relief. All the children really enjoyed getting active and participating in lots of different activities. 

During the activities, some children were chosen for a sports value award:

Year 1: Frankie (Determination award) and Wendy (Self- belief award)

Year 2: Aya (Passion award) and Indi (Self- belief award)

Year 3: Essie (Passion award) and Jorge (Self-belief award)

Year 4: Logan.H (Determination award) and Joe (Teamwork award)

Year 5: Rayan (Passon award) and Bilal (Self-belief award)

Year 6: Dylan (Determination award) and Catlin (Determination award).

A big well done and thank you to all of the children at Abbott :)