Artist of the moment: Kandinsky

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 8:21am

Children in Reception have been learning about a new artist called Kandinsky! We have explored Kandinsky's techniques of painting circles in different colours and drawing shapes to create new pictures. There were lots of new skills for us to learn, starting with colour mixing. We chose a different colour for each of our hands and rubbed them together to see what new colour we could make - we were amazed by the results! We are now expert colour mixers. Next we developed our knowledge of shapes by recalling the names of our basic 2d shapes - circle, square, triangle and rectangle. We drew around these shapes to create our own pictures, just like Kandinsky! Finally we recreated our own versions of Kandinsky's famous circle paintings by using a range of colours and paintbrushes. Enjoy our art work, we have worked very hard! 

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