Abbott House Teams

The House System

At Abbott we believe all children should be given a sense of belonging within our school community through encouragement to be positive role models and part of a supportive team.

The House system creates friendly competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.

Every child who attends our school is assigned to one of four ‘houses’. Each house is made up of pupils of different ages from Year 1 through to the Year 6.

There are four houses at Abbott, which are each led by an adult Head of House.

Heads of House

  • Barn Owl, led by Miss Wilson
  • Little Owl, led by Miss Churchman
  • Eagle Owl, led by Mrs Pugh
  • Tawny Owl, led by Miss Henderson

House Captains

As part of the wider curriculum we understand the importance of providing more opportunities for our older pupils to take responsibility and develop leadership skills. 

To promote democracy, at the beginning of the academic House captain Elections are held. Year 6 children who are interested in the role, must write and present a speech to the entire school: stating why they feel they would be a good choice as house captain and how they will support their house team. This is then followed by a whole school vote in each house. 

The job of the house captains is to take responsibility for the leadership, direction and organisation of their house throughout the forthcoming academic year.  

Barn Owl House Captains - Hayley Chan & Edie Griffin

Little Owl House Captains - Sana Bakshi & Liam Mount

Eagle Owl House Captains -  Nora Popoola & Indi Davies

Tawny Owl House Captains -  Aaliyah Jeylane & Hunter Shaw

House Points

The children are given the opportunity to win house points for their team with a winning team announced every week in our celebration assembly. House points are given for children for going ‘above and beyond’ what is normally expected of them at school, for effort in home learning tasks and during whole school events. You can see our House Points totals on the home page each week.