E Safety

The Internet is becoming as commonplace as the telephone or TV in today’s society; its effective use is an essential life-skill. The Internet is an essential element in 21st Century life for education, business and social interaction. Internet use is a part of the statutory curriculum and a necessary tool for staff and pupils, our school has a duty to provide students with quality Internet access as part of their learning experience.

E-safety includes, but is not limited to, browsing the internet. Other forms of electronic communication and interaction such as e-mail, blogging, social networking and online gaming such are considered as well as the corruption, misuse, hacking and publication of personal data.

When using the internet, young people need to be protected from dangers including violence, racism and exploitation. Much of the material on the Internet is published for an adult audience and some is unsuitable for pupils. They need to learn to recognise and avoid any potential risks – to become “Internet Wise”.

Please take some time to talk about these rules with your children:


For more information about E-Safety visit the ‘Think u know’ website via the link below


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Or alternatively, download the information below.