EYFS Early Adopters

At Abbott, we are early adopters of the revised EYFS framework, 2020-21.

Under The Early Years Foundation Stage (Exemption from Learning and Development Requirements) and Childcare (Exemption from Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2020, the Secretary of State for Education grants exemption from the following sections of the 2017 Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework:

a)  The educational programmes under EYFS paragraph 1.5; and

b)  The early learning goals set out on pages 10 to 12 of the EYFS; and

a)  The requirements set out in paragraph 2.6 to 2.11 of the EYFS relating to

Assessments and moderation at the end of the reception year – the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile – which requires settings to complete the Profile and submit the same to the local authority. Abbott will instead follow in full the EYFS reforms early adopter framework

Early Years education focuses on seven areas of learning.

The prime areas of learning are…

CL          communication and language

PD          physical development

PSED     personal social and emotional development

The specific areas of learning are…


M          mathematics

EAD      expressive arts and design

UW       understanding the world

There are 4 key principles that underpin our practice in the EYFS at Abbott Community Primary School.

A Unique Child

We recognise that all children are different. We identify and celebrate their strengths and support their areas for development.

Positive Relationships

Our pupils interact well with each other and with the adults in the school. We encourage parents to be involved with their child’s education.

Enabling Environments

Our indoor and outdoor areas encourage exploration, investigation, and independent learning. Our displays and resources are well maintained and reflect current learning.

Learning and Development

Pupils achieve well and make good progress from their starting points. Learning is playful, practical, and purposeful and builds upon prior attainment. Our children enjoy coming to school.


For more information please see the below documents:

Statutory Framework for the Ealry Years, EYFS Reforms Early Adopter Version, July 2020: This document outlines the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. All  'Early Adopter' early years providers must follow the guidence within this document. 

Development Matters, 2020: This document provides non-statutory guidance materials and supports practitioners in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Handbook, EYFS Reforms Early Adopter Version, June 2021: This document provides guidance and advice from the Department for Education (DfE). It has been produced for schools participating in the Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms Early Adopter Year in academic year 2020/21. It helps teachers in early adopter schools make accurate judgements about each child’s attainment at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

What To Expect When: The purpose of this booklet is to help you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS.

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