Reading Intervention

Keeping up from the start 

At Abbott, we recognise that some children do fall behind, even from the start. Therefore, pupils at Abbott who do, are identified immediately and given support in order to help them keep up. As we follow Read Write Inc phonics, we use their online assessment tracker for each invidual child to establish which children need individualised support; they are then supoorted to catch up in the form of 1:1 tutoring. Our teachers of phonics are experts and are coached regularly by the reading leader, this means that teachers of phonics can identify which children haven't quite grasped new sounds on a daily basis so that extra support can be given on the same day. This is in addition to 1:1 tutoring that is already taking place for previously identified children. 

These children receiving extra 1:1 tutoring practice always: 

  • Work with an expert teacher or teaching assistant
  • Work in a quiet place at a regular time each day 
  • Follow coaching linked to the Read, Write Inc phonics scheme
  • Follow activites that will help them to secure learning that has not been grasped prior

Children receiving daily support will be given support in class by a trained teaching assistant or teacher, based on the sounds they haven't grasped that day. 

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a structured literacy programme developed by Read, Write Inc that is rooted in phonics. It's for pupils in the later years of primary school who are reading below age-related expectations or who are new to English. 

Fresh Start pupils are taught to:

  • understand the English alphabetic code in three sets of speed sounds lessons
  • use simple mnemonics to help them read and write letter-sound correspondences quickly 
  • review speed sounds daily, until they can read them effortlessly
  • read and spell words that they already know
  • read high freqency words that are not phonetically regular
  • read engaging, age-appropriate modules, closely matched to their increasing phonics knowledge
  • read each module three times, focusing on: accuracy, fluency and comprehension 
  • practice spelling, vocabulary and grammar, linked to the modules they read
  • build and rehearse sentences out loud, until they are confident enough to write independently 

We identify pupils needing Fresh Start by completing Fresh Start assessments with children who are working below age-related expectations/new to the country, so that they can be grouped accordingly. These interventions are, again, with a trained member of staff who has been trained not just in phonics but in the Fresh Start intervention too. 


Reading Comprehension/Fluency Intervention

As stated in the 'Simple View of Reading', some children may have fantastic comprehension skills but may not be fluent readers. Others are brilliant, fluent readers but do not the comprehension skills to match. We want all children to be able to read fluently and deeply comprehend texts. Based on standardised assessments, and from daily formative assessments taken by teachers, children are identified and given appropriate intervention to help them in whichever area they need support with. Children with reading for fluency interventions, will read aloud with a teaching assistant their levelled reading book. Children who need support with their comprehension of a text, will either, in a group or 1:1, read a text with a teaching assistant and then discuss the meaning of the text by looking for clues based on what they have read; this strategy is taken from the Reading for Inference lesson model.