Music has an essential place in the balanced education of all pupils. Music provides children with a unique opportunity to express their own feelings and covers the whole range of human experience. Through working practically with the raw materials of music, children develop skills of performing, composing, listening and appraising, developing knowledge and understanding of the subject as an expressible medium.

We follow the Music Express curriculum for Music from Foundation to Year 6. All of our Key Stage 2 children take part in the annual sing-a-rounds organised by the Manchester Music Hub and we are proud to be a Gold Award Singing School.


Children will be encouraged to:

  •  develop confidence and self esteem
  • appreciate and enjoy a wide variety of musical experiences
  • develop a sensitive response to music
  • recognise the unique quality of musical sound
  • acquire fundamental musical skills
  • understand the basic elements of music
  • develop social skills and awareness through making music together
  • develop an awareness of musical traditions from different cultural and social origins
  • develop imagination and creativity through musiic
  • listen critically to a variety of styles of music
  • improvise and compose music in response to different stimuli
  • develop coordination skills
  • perform confidently in a group and individually
  • develop skills for recording compositions

Weekly Singing Assemblies

In our weekly singing assemblies, the whole school joins together to sing our favourite school songs as well as learning new songs for different seasons and celebrations. Mr Davies, our Musician in Residence, leads our weekly assembly. 

Keyboard and Guitar Lessons

Children from Reception to Year 6 are able to have keyboard and/or guitar lessons provided by ACEG. Mr Marshall comes to school every Wednesday to teach 1:1 keyboard lessons, 1:1 guitar lessons or paired guitar lessons. There is a charge for these lessons which is paid directly to ACEG. Please contact the school for further details if you are interested.

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