At Abbott Primary School, we believe that Physical Education is imperative in the development of children’s physical, social and leadership skills enabling each child to excel across the wider curriculum. We believe we can capture children’s interest and enjoyment of PE at an early age, providing first quality PE lessons helping to lay the foundations for our children to develop healthy and active lifestyles in the long term.

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 receives two hours of curriculum PE per week taught by both the class teacher and Miss Ashton (our designated PE and Sports Coach).

Our PE activities are planned to encourage the children to develop a positive attitude towards keeping fit and healthy, providing opportunities for them to participate in team activities and to develop their skills through a range of physical activities. All lessons at Abbott provide a progressive PE curriculum differentiated appropriately to accelerate children’s physical skills and provide challenges to all abilities.

We currently use the Champions scheme for Sport, Fitness, Health & Well-being to support the planning and delivery of the PE curriculum. 

Champions is a whole-school sport, health and fitness programme that will transform PE teaching throughout our school by allowing us to:

  • Teach PE with confidence
  • Easily demonstrate impact on sport participation and attainment for Sport Premium Funding
  • Improve fitness, promote a healthy lifestyle and cultivate a love of PE
  • Monitor and track pupils’ progress with fun fitness challenges and motivating rewards

Key Stage 1:

During the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children at Abbott are introduced to and begin to develop Fundamental Movement skills through the areas of Gymnastics, Dance and Multi Skills. Children are encouraged to practise and participate in a range of activities aimed at developing their agility, balance and co-ordination whilst also engaging in competitive and co-operative physical activities.

Key Stage 2:

In Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to apply and further develop the skills learnt through their Key Stage 1 curriculum, learning how to use them in different ways and linking skills that build into giving children their first taste of participating in competitive sport.  Children should enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other, taking ownership of their own physical development learning how to evaluate and recognise their own success. The areas of which PE is taught in Key stage 2 are Invasion games, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Net Games and Striking and Fielding as well as Outdoor and Adventurous activities.

Children in Key Stage 2 also attend weekly swimming lessons. The programme includes water confidence, water safety and stroke technique

Continuing Development

Over the year we have invited a number of skilled practitioners into our school to share their expertise with both our children and teaching staff.