Reading at Abbott:


  • we are determined that every pupil will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities  

  • our phonics programme exceeds the expectations of the English national curriculum and early learning goals  

  • we have clear expectations of pupils’ phonics progress term by term, from Reception to Year 2: these are reflected in our phonics programme 

  • the sequence of reading books shows a cumulative preogression in phonics knowledge: this is also matched closely to our phonics programme.


  • the half-termly assessment of pupils’ phonics progress is detailed to identify any pupil who is falling behind the programme’s pace and targeted support is put into place immediately  

  • the school has developed sufficient expertise in the teaching of phonics and reading that ensures consistency from one year to the next

  • reading, including the teaching of systematic, synthetic phonics, is taught from the beginning of Reception  

  • teachers have a clear understanding of how pupils learn to read

  • teachers give pupils sufficient practice in reading and re-reading books that match the grapheme-phoneme correspondences they know, both at school and at home  

  • staff read aloud stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction that develop pupils' vocabulary, language comprehension and love of reading.


  • all pupils, including the weakest readers, make sufficient progress to meet or exceed age-related expectations  

  • pupils are familiar with and enjoy listening to a wide range of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction.

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