SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.  Here at Abbott, we ensure that pupils’ SMSC development is weaved throughout our curriculum and forms the basis of our whole-school ethos.  This too incorporates the positive preparation of pupils for life in modern Britain; through promoting the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for, and tolerance of, those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


What is ‘Spiritual Development’ at Abbott?

Children are provided with the opportunities to explore and share the wide-ranging beliefs, values and experiences of themselves and others, who live in modern Britain.  Through imagination and creative learning, children thrive spiritually; developing their curiosity and respect for others.  This equips them to become active citizens in school; our local community and in wider society.    

The children at Abbott believe that ‘Spiritual Development’ is: “something we believe; something that is part of us; Religion; expressing yourself; being yourself in a good way; being kind; your home background; respecting the cultures of others”.  


What is ‘Moral Development’ at Abbott?

Children learn to develop their understanding of right and wrong, and the positive and negative consequences that come as a result of their actions and behaviour.  Children learn about the civil and criminal law of England, and the importance of following rules.  They are encouraged to develop an interest in having their own views on moral and ethical issues, whilst learning how to appreciate that these may differ from others’.  

The children at Abbott believe that ‘Moral Development’ is:  “not showing off; taking your time; recognising your own mistakes; it is the thing you choose to do or decide to do depending on the situation; right and wrong”.


What is ‘Social Development’ at Abbott?

Collaboration and active engagement in learning is at the heart of our Abbott community.  Positive interaction and communication, instilled in pupils through whole-school house and class teams, enables pupils to thrive.  Abbott pupils also access wide-ranging and thoughtful community links, which allows them to develop an awareness of self-worth through engaging and cooperating with others.  This, in turn, actively promotes respect and tolerance for others and their contrasting viewpoints.     

The children at Abbott believe that ‘Social Development’ is:  “good communication with others; being friendly; listening to others; talking to other people about your problems; sharing and valuing opinions; PSHCE; School Council; anti-bullying sessions/awareness; helping others”.


What is ‘Cultural Development’ at Abbott?

Children are involved in exploring cultural influences and different ways of life.  They learn how to be respectful, fair and tolerant of others’ differences which enables them to become active citizens of Modern British society.  Our curriculum provides children with a variety of opportunities to participate and positively respond to a range of artistic, musical, sporting and cultural learning activities.  Pupils also learn about Britain’s democratic parliamentary system and its central role in shaping our history and values, and in continuing to develop Britain, through events that are relevant to themselves and their community.

The children at Abbott believe that ‘Cultural Development’ is:  “learning about Black History; European Day of Languages; respecting other people’s cultures; Religion; trying new things; differences; diversity, House Team Elections/Voting Day”. 


The document below shows some examples of the provision of ‘SMSC' and 'British Values’ learning opportunities at Abbott, and how they have impacted on the children’s development: