Collyhurst- past, present and future

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 2:52pm

As part of our Geography unit, we have been learning about our local environment and the changes that have occurred. We looked at a range of images of Collyhurst from the past, which the children were surprised to see! Then, we were lucky enough to 'interview' Jackie and Janet, who have both worked at Abbott for many years. Jackie even went to school here herself! They both told us so many things about what Abbott/Collyhurst used to be like. 

Some things we found out were:

  • They used to eat their lunch in the library and computer suite, not in the hall.
  • They drank milk from glass bottles.
  • The classrooms only had chalkboards, nothing interactive.
  • The teachers didn't even have a laptop/computer!
  • Their tables were individual desks that lifted up.
  • Where the rainbow room is, there used to be a little hut.
  • They didn't really have anything on the playground, whereas now we have the trim trail, football pitches, and games on the floor.
  • The areas outside y3/4 and y5/6 used to be cloakrooms.
  • There used to be bars on the windows.

After that, we had a look at the plans for the regeneration of Collyhurst and how it would make the area better, just like Newham in 2012 (which is what we learned about last lesson). They then drew their own interpretation of Collyhurst in the future- we definitely have some future architects in the class!

The children were fascinated to find out how much Abbott has changed, and are excited about the future plans for Collyhurst.