Keith Haring and Construction Visit

Date: 11th Feb 2022 @ 2:07pm

On Monday, we hosted a special guest at school. Alice, who works for a construction company, came to tell the class about the new flats they are building in Manchester. She explained all about keeping safe around building sites and the children tried on some safety equipment. They asked lots of thoughful questions and Alice taught the class about lots of different jobs that a construction company needs people to do. Lots of the children said they might like to work in construction when they are older.

In Art, we explored the work of Keith Haring. He was an artist who drew pictures not only on paper but also whole rooms and even the sides of buildings. After exploring different examples of his work and trying out different techniques including drawings where the children had to keep moving around and adding to different pieces, the children designed both a paper square and a foil square that we will use in a display along with work by children in Year 1.