Light and Shadows

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 8:46am

For our science topic this term, we have been focussing on light and shadows. We began by looking at different sources of light and identifying them around us. We then observed what happens when we shine a light source, such as a torch, on different materials. We found that the light bounced off some materials and reflected really well but on others it wasn't reflective at all. We thought about the properties of the materials to explain why this was. 

There has been lots of new vocbaulary to learn in this science topic as well. Looking at different materials, we learnt that some materials were opaque like cardboard, some were translucent like bubble wap and some were transparent like plastic. From our observations we identfied that opqaue materials create shadows and we carried out an investigation to find out what happens to a light source as it moves closer/further away. 

We have enjoyed our science topic and are now going to use all of our new knowledge in our STEM project where we will be creating our very own shadow puppet shows- so keep and eye out for these!