Perfect Pennies and Pictograms

Date: 2nd May 2022 @ 5:42pm

On Friday in Maths the children were identifying different amounts of money and sorting them into order of value! 

They then used these coins to make different amounts for example use 4 coins to make 50p in their teams on their tables. 

The class were all fantastic team players!



After Maths we did Computing where the children had to collect data on what sort of place they live in such as a flat, terraced or semi-detached, how many people live in it and how many rooms it has. Once they did that we made our own pictogram to display all the different types of houses.

We discussed other types of houses such as barges on canals, caravans and igloos although no one in our class lived in any of those!

We talked about what information we could get from this pictogram and what information it did not tell us! Some things it didn't tell us were if anyone has a garden or how big their garden is! Or where they lived in the country! 

IMG_1654 (1).JPG