Date: 17th Mar 2022 @ 8:54am

Our science topic this term was plants. We began by looking at the different parts of a plant and identified the function of each part. We learnt about what plants needed to grow and wondered whether plants would still grow even if we didn't plant the seeds in soil. We carried out an investigation to see if plants would grow in sand, cotton wool, paper towel and soil. We had to leave the plants for a week to see if they would grow, whilst making sure we were giving them enough water each day. After a week, all of the plants had grown! Some of us were very shocked to see that the plants had grown in cotton wool and paper towel!

Then we carried out an investigation into how water moves around a plant. We used food colouring to change the colour of the water and placed a celery stem in it. We left it for a few days and found that the water had travelled up the stem! We could see this easily because of the colour of the water.

After looking at different parts of the plant we focussed on the flower. We disected a flower and looked at each individual part of the flower and the role they played in the life cycle of a flower.