Science Week!

Date: 19th Mar 2021 @ 4:08pm

What a brilliant week we had celebrating British Science week! Our topic was 'Plants.' We learnt lots of new things, carried out lots of investigations and even grew some of our own plants!

First, we found out about the different parts of a plant and the important jobs that each one does. We went on a plant hunt outside and identified the different parts of each plant we saw. On Tuesday, we set up an investigation to find out if plants would grow in materials other than soil. We grew cress seeds in sand, cotton wool, kitchen roll and soil. You can have a look at the pictures in the gallery to find out our results! We had to make sure it was a fair test by putting the same amount of material, water and seeds in each cup.

We learnt all about how water is transported around plants and carried out an investigation to actually see this ourselves! We put sticks of celery in water that had added food colouring to and left it for a few days. When we looked back at the celery, we could see that the water had travelled up the ‘tubes’ in the celery! Look at the gallery to see our investigation in action.

Our final lesson was all about the different parts of a flower and how they all have a job for reproduction. We sequenced the life cycle of a flower and then looked at real flowers and took them apart to see all of the different parts.  


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