Spring 2: Week 1

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 12:58pm

What a fabulous first week back we have had!

The children were very excited to solve the jigsaw puzzle that revealed what book we will be reading in English this half term. They then made detailed predictions and inferences based on the front cover, the blurb and the first page. We used this as s timulus for their writing this week. They wrote excellent non-chronoloigcal reports about what life was like for children during the Roman times. 

We have also started our new unit in maths. This half term will be focussed on fractions and decimals. The children now know that a mixed number consists of a whole number and a fraction, can partition them and place them on number lines. Next week, we will begin to learn about improper fractions and how we can convert between them and mixed numbers. 

The children were VERY excited to start our new history topic. Firstly, they identified different countries that made up The Roman Empire, showcasing their excellent map skills. Then they learnt about Emperor Claudius and discussed his reasons for invading Britain. 


This week also saw us start our Money Sense workshop with Metro Bank. Session 1 was all about banking. The children learnt what the following words/phrases mean: bank vault, bank statement, interest, ATM and safe deposit box. They are looking forward to next week's session on saving.