Spring 2- Week 5

Date: 30th Mar 2023 @ 12:46pm

We have had an extremely busy last week and are definitely ready for a break! 

In English, we finished reading Escape from Pompeii and were very surprised to find out that the two old people at the end of the story were actually Tranio and Livia! We then read a poem called Bushfire by Jacky Kay: we compared the description to that of Mount Vesuvius in Escape from Pompeii. We then wrote our own version of the poem and performed it to each other. 

We enjoyed learning about the digestive system with the medics, and, although a little gruesome, we now know what happens to our food as it enters our body. To finish our science, we have learnt what the following words mean: food chain, predator, prey, producer and consumer and can now construct our own food chains. 

The members of staff from Metro Bank came to deliver our final session, which was all about budgeting. We learnt the difference between needs and wantts and decided how much money Metro Man had at the end of the day, based on each item that he bought. We are very excited to go and visit them when we return after the Easter holidays.

Lastly, we have finally chosen our new reading books from the library, which we are very excited to start reading!