STEM CLUB - Bridges

Date: 20th Apr 2023 @ 8:45pm

This week the children in STEM club were asked to design and build a suitable bridge that would hold a set weight. They were given newspaper, a4 paper, various tapes and glue and snap cubes to use to make their bridges. Their bridges had to be atleast 20cm in span and must allow something to go under and across it as well as be strong enough to stay standing when weight was added. In small groups they set to work planning their ideas. There was a lot of discussion regarding the height, how to build the strongest structure and who's bridge would be the most appealing to look at. Once the plans were drawn up the children got to work building their bridges. We then tested our bridges to see if it met the set criteria. All the bridges successfully held over 1kg in weight and met the criteria given. If you are looking for future bridge architects we have some in STEM club!