Stem Club Week 5! - Hoop Gliders

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 6:21pm

This week in STEM club we took to the skies! The children were set the challenge to make the best hoop gliders. We then posed the question - what makes a glider the best? Is it how far it travels? How high it flies? Or is it how long it stays in flight?

We decided to focus on how far they would travel. The children were then able to choose how they wanted their gliders to look and investigated changing the amount of hoops and straws as well as try different sized hoops to make the best glider. We had so much fun experimenting and trying to see what the best glider was. We really did go to infinity and beyond! 

Why not have a go at making a hoop glider at home? You need straws, strips of paper or card, sticky tape and pens to decorate. 

You could then investigate for yourself what does make the best glider? 

Have a look at some photos from our club.