Summer 1: Week 5

Date: 11th May 2023 @ 6:07am

In English, we discovered that 'everything started to go wrong for Henry'. But, we haven't found out exactly what it is...yet! We have used this as a stimulus for our writing this week- the children have written brilliant formal letters to Henry as if they were a librarian expressing their concerns about Henry's behaviour. 

During our maths lessons, we have continued to learn more about decimals, particularly how to partition them differently and compare and order them. Although the children struggled initially to understand the difference between tenths and hundredths and identify them in different decimal numbers, we have practised this daily and they are now secure in their understanding. 

In the afternoons, we completed our computing unit. The children had to use a simple computer programming language to control a 'turtle'. They have learnt about the many commands which can be used in order to explore shapes, programming and algorithms, such as pen up, pen down, right turn, left turn, forwards, backwards, repeat, multi-line mode etc.