Team building, Educate and Celebrate and SRE.

Date: 8th May 2021 @ 4:05pm

Last week, we learnt so much about ourselves and others. We moved back into working in teams, which was fantastic and we completed so many team building games to build upon learning cooperatively. Our favourite was trying to maneuver across the playground just by holding the ankles of our team mates, it was super tricky but fun! We also played the hoop game where we have to work cooperatively to get the hoop to the ground by simple balancing it on our index fingers, it was so difficult (more than we thought!) Friday afternoon, we worked together again in our teams to bake some fairy cakes. We used our maths skills to measure out the ingredients accurately and division knowledge to work out how much of the mixture we would need for our team. The end results were delicious!!

This week we also learnt about hormones and our changing bodies as we get older and how they affect our moods on a daily (even hourly) basis. We thought carefully about how we should treat other people as we never truly know what they are going through. Many children opened up about their feelings to the class, it was very brave! Everybody was so supportive of each other. 

We also continued our learning re ‘Educate and Celebrate'. The week focused on gender terminology and acceptance of others no matter their gender or gender preference, after all: love is love. We looked at the story ‘And Tango Makes Three’ and the children wrote an open letter about why it shouldn't have been a banned children's book in some countries. Please see the gallery in due course for examples! They were just fantastic. What tolerance, acceptance and understanding our children are developing. A delight to see. 

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