The British Empire and developing our writing

Date: 22nd Jun 2022 @ 7:34am

Over the past week, year 6 have been learning all about the British Empire using a range of sources to find out: what colonies are, what colonies Britian once had, why Britian wanted an empire and what happened to the empire post World War 2. The children used their historical skills such as interpreting and justifying, to work like historicans to piece together the answers to these questions. Upon learning about the colonies, that Britain once had, the children even managed to predict that those countries probably wanted indpendence...and they were right!

Some children even linked their learning all the way back to Black History Month in October, remembering a poem we had learnt called 'Empire Day' by James Berry which was all about 'the motherland' and how it was celebrated in his home country of Jamaica. Talk about 'sticky' learning!