Wow Wednesday - Lava Lamps

Date: 11th Mar 2020 @ 4:35pm

In our Wow Wednesday Science session this week we made lava lamps using oil, water, food colouring and alka seltzer tablets. The children made predictions on what they thought would happen once we added the tablets to the bottle of oil and water. We then tested their ideas to see what happened. It was very exciting to see all the red food colouring turn into bubbles and float up to the top through the oil with the children commenting on it being very bubbly, fizzy like fizzy drinks and all pink and twirly. We then used this to form our next investigation where we chose to find out what would happen when we added bigger tablets. Lots of the children thought we would get more bubbles and it would be even fizzier so it was very exciting to see the lava lamps over flowed in true lava style. Lots of mess but very exciting with lots of WOW! Take a look at some of our photos of us in action. 

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